What exactly are the Signaling Remedy & how are they made?

Each signaling remedy vial contains sterile water. Specialized equipment is then used to transfer a specific frequency into each of the separate vials, which causes the water molecules to vibrate at the same frequency. Water has a unique property that allows it to hold on to any frequency that has been generated and transmitted into it. When the droplet of water from a vial is consumed, the frequency within that water droplet will then be transferred into the water composition of your body.

Depending upon what Dr. Andreano is targeting with treatment, each remedy vial receives the appropriate electronic frequency corresponding to either an organ/tissue or toxic agent. Some remedies are made with frequencies that create a specific stimulus to one’s immune system to target the specific toxin(s) hiding out in the specific organs or tissues, thus resulting in the toxin’s release. Other remedies are made for the purpose of providing support to produce improved performance of the organs’ or tissues’ natural function. The targeted tissue cells then respond to this specific instruction.

The remedies are completely safe, and will not interfere with any prescription medications that you are taking. Why is only one drop to be taken from each remedy vial upon prescribing? It takes only a small amount of the remedy (one drop) to have a profound effect on the body. In this single droplet of water, a tremendous amount of frequency information is contained. Once the droplet is placed in the mouth, the frequency is immediately transferred throughout the water composition of the body (and thus, the body itself). Your body recognizes this information and immediately responds appropriately. Taking more of the remedy at one time does not create a stronger, clearer or more effective result.