As a chiropractor, I have been trained to look at the body through the nervous system. Your body is constantly processing information from it’s internal and external environment, and adapting itself to those systems almost instantaneously. Many chiropractors and practitioners use various forms of muscle testing to monitor changes in the way the nervous system adapts to various stimuli. I have been trained in several different forms of muscle testing technology, ultimately developing my own methods method which I call Stress Response Analysis. 

Stress Response Analysis is a quick, non-invasive and inexpensive way to find out what is going on in the body, find the root cause, and determine the best form of treatment. It allows the practitioner to form a picture of how different systems of the body are working and how each system impacts another system, all in real time. Truly holistic! One client commented after their evaluation: “in 10 minutes, your muscle test told me everything the $5,000.00 lab tests my MD ordered last month.”

Dr. Mike Andreano and his family

Dr. Mike Andreano

Dr. Andreano is the owner and head practitioner at Trinity Holistic Health Center. To learn more about him, visit his about page. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andreano, contact us at (773)786-2722 or email us at [email protected]