Therapeutic mud has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. Recent research has found it to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, inflammation, bronchitis, cystitis, hepatitis, and liver damage, among other health maladies. Trauma sites like scars, contusions, strains/sprains, bug bites, vaccinations, piercings, tattoos, broken bones, etc. can cause the surrounding tissue to lose its ability to detoxify itself. Over time these trauma sites accumulate toxic substances and then cause interference in the nervous system. When one of these trauma sites starts to cause interference in the nervous system it is called an interference field. An interference field will impair the function of any system wired to the “nervous system circuit” that it is stressing out and become a root cause factor in many health conditions.

For example, we often see adrenal gland or kidney problems that are the result of a low back injury. Bladder and digestive problems from a C-Section. Heartburn caused by an injury to the head or nose. Thyroid problems caused by a whiplash, heart failure from a root canal, etc. Many times the injury happened many years before the health problem even manifested.

We use therapeutic mudpacks to draw toxins out of the trauma site so that it can return to normal function and no longer add stress to the nervous system. The mudpacks are applied to scars and other trauma sites over areas that are no larger than the palm of your hand. The application is quick and painless and clients often report immediate relaxation and other benefits.

Mudpacks are made with bentonite clay mixed with a herbal blend and desalinated seawater. Mudpacks increase circulation, boost the immune system, ease muscle tension, and rejuvenate the body. They help rapidly clear the whole body burden of toxic bioaccumulation. They initiate the “thermal effect”: an increased deep intrinsic cleansing effect. Lastly, they can eliminate up to 50% of the local bio-accumulation of toxic elements at a target body site in a single application

When we first started learning about mudpacks and testing their effectiveness, we were skeptical. However, we quickly found the effects of the mudpacks to be, in many cases, extraordinary. They have been the key factor in helping many patients recover their health, particularly those who had received treatments at other medical and holistic clinics in the past with little to no effect.

For a demonstration of our therapeutic mudpacks, please watch the video above. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us at (773)786-2722 or email us at [email protected]