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At Trinity Holistic Health Center, we use the state of the art, next-gen Alfa Sight, a highly sensitive, class one thermographic medical device that measures temperature change over 100 different body points. The device uses safe, non-invasive temperature change to accurately identify problems with major body functions including: diabetes/pre-diabetes, breast health, endocrine function, dental Infections, cardiac function, viral & bacterial disease, and much more. The Alfa Insight can pick up signs of serious health issues up to 10 years before they become an actual disease, making it a great tool for early warning and prevention.

Thermography is a very popular and comfortable no-radiation tool to screen for breast health. One of the most exciting features of the Alfa Insight is that in addition to screening for breast health, it scans for 13 different risk factors associated with breast disease. Six or more risk factors is considered suspicious for cancer, but once a risk factor is identified, we work to correct it and move you out of the suspicious category. My wife actually had breast cancer, and her scan showed the tumor alongside seven associated risk factors.  We treated those areas and at the time of writing, she has only 5 active risk factors taking her out of the suspicious zone.     

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